“Time to Glow and Grow” in Dubai

logoThis week our LivNordic Spa in Dubai had an exciting event when Executive-Women hosted ‘Time to Glow and Grow’ in the spa. It was an intimate Iftar gathering held at LivNordic Spa & Wellness Cayan Tower, with a talk on self-confidence by founder of Youshala, Aicha Kouwatly.
Kouwatly is a dynamic entrepreneur focusing on women empowerment and helping self-accomplished women lead fulfilling lives. A certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, Aicha used her famous Michael Angelo Sculpting technique for self-break through.
Kouwatly took the attendees through Michael Angelo’s secret recipe and his ‘sculpturing’ technique, that can inspire anyone to uncover their potential. She presented a visual exercise to demonstrate how society affects an individual, stating that people need to start looking at things from a different aspect. Aicha ended her talk by leaving the guests with a thought to ponder upon, saying “consider your life experiences just as something that is polishing you into a smoother version of yourself.”
Guests broke their fast to healthy yet sumptuous bites from the traditional Ramadan Jallab juice, to the eccentric Halawa dessert wrap, the table was a mix of traditional and unconventional.
The Spa Director, Carolina Moquist, welcomed the women and introduced them to the unique Liv Nordic spa & Wellness concept and facilities and stated, “I am very excited to be hosting this event in collaboration with Executive-Women, we look forward to invite our guest to experience our Nordic traditions by offering a complete wellness and lifestyle experience.” Following the talk, the women were invited to tour the spa facilities, and indulge in a variety of express treatments, such as back massages, lip, and hand treatments, courtesy of LivNordic Spa & Wellness.
LN eventLn event 3ln event 4.jpgLn event 2The photos are borrowed from Executive-woman.com 


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