The LivNordic Swedish Massage

The History of Swedish Massage
In the 19th century the Swede Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839 ) created a massage system which today goes under Swedish massage or classic massage. Ling is called the father of Swedish gymnastics and wanted to create a massage technique similar to the movements of gymnastics to stimulate blood circulation, strengthen muscles and create a better balance between muscles and bones. His ideas even influenced medical care, even if the doctors resistance in the beginning was huge. Ling managed to eventually establish several doctors at his institute and his methods spread rapidly within and outside the country. Doctors from abroad came to visit to experience what they called the “Swedish Movement Cure “. What is left of it today is the “Swedish massage”.

Swedish Classic Massage is today practiced worldwide and is known as one of the most popular types of massage. There are many different interpretations of the massage techniques over the world and it is often performed more soft and relaxing than the original deep and firm Swedish way, more similar to a sports massage, which was the very reason to its creation.

What Makes the LivNordic Swedish Massages so unique?
Our training team in Stockholm has developed the basic Swedish Massage techniques further, to create an exceptional massage – unique for Raison d’Etre and LivNordic. So what makes our Swedish massages so special?
The LivNordic Swedish massage offerings are authentic, simple and creatively designed – which are all typical characteristic of Nordic culture and people. Guest may first choose from a selection of Swedish massages and will then be guided to a specific focus and upgrade, for the ultimate personalized experience. All treatments are specifically created for LivNordic based upon unique conscious-touch techniques. The menu includes the Swedish language (with English translation) to support the true Nordic essence.


Soothe your body and spirit with this mindful massage. Gentle yet profound, this treatment relaxes your muscles and eases your joints, perfect when you need a tranquil experience, long for an extra treat or just want to ease into stillness. Organic aromatherapy oil from The Organic Pharmacy soothes the senses and calms the nerves. Our skilled therapist will tailor your massage to your individual needs. Suggested upgrades to the Swedish Mindful massage would be Face & Scalp massage or Guided meditation.

Feel cleansed and renewed with this rejuvenating massage, an excellent start – or complement– to a detox. Perfect after working out or if you have been retaining fluid, the detoxifying treatment stimulates your body, increases circulation and reduces signs of cellulite using connective tissue massage, classic massage and lymphatic draining techniques. The massage is tailored to your needs. Suggested upgrades to this massage are Detoxifying Body Scrub or cupping.

Release your tension with this thorough and invigorating deep tissue massage, our most popular. Using techniques from the traditional Swedish Classic, this energizing treatment soothes deep muscle tissue, relieves soreness and enhances overall mobility. Stretch out, breathe deep and ease into balance after this body work treatment. Our skilled therapist will tailor your massage to your individual needs. Suggested upgrades to this massage are dry skin brushing and stretching.

As part of the LivNordic Spa experience the guest receives professional home-care advices from their dedicated therapists. The LivNordic Spa shop features a verity of spa and Lifestyle products that simply can be incorporated to guest’s daily life for enhanced wellbeing.

/Carolina Moquist, Spa Director, LivNordic Spa & Wellness in Cayan Tower, Dubai.


Currently you can experience the authentic LivNordic Swedish Massages in the LivNordic Spa in Dubai and on board Viking Star and Viking Sea.


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