Be inspired – Enhance your yoga practice

We have found two inspiring books to keep us inspired for a more yogic lifestyle this summer. These two books are more than just books…



The Yogaagenda is both a planner, handbook and journal for your practice, with inspiring ideas, suggestions and guidelines for a suitable yoga practice, depending on the time of the year. I use this as a calendar and journal, setting my personal goals and writing reflections about life and my wellbeing. The agenda is filled with beautiful pictures and images and has lot’s of space for your thoughts and writing. It’s a guidebook, journal and has many interesting articles about nutrition, conscious breathing, different yoga styles and so much more… There are not many books that I look into nearly every week…

(Editor for Yogaagenda, Elena Sepúlveda)

Wanderlust, by Jeff Krasno

I found this book in Bangkok earlier this year, and although I did not need to make my luggage even heavier (it’s a heavy book) I just had to buy it. It was full of INSPIRATION! Affirmations, quotes, beautiful images, yoga sequenses, travel inspiration and stories and so much more. A true lifestyle book, and as the book is described by the authors: A modern Yogi’s guide to Discovering Your Best Self, this is also sort of a handbook and guidebook on your spiritual and yogic life journey. This book also has space to make your own notes, reflections and thoughts. The book is so beautifully designed and the artwork and graphic design is a pure joy to look at. So if you need to find new inspiration into a more yogic lifestyle this is the book to read.



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