New spa concept in Tylösand, Sweden

One of the most popular spa resorts in Sweden has recently refurbished its spa facilities with a new concept made by Raison d’Etre.
Together with Tylösand we had an ambition to do something new and different for the Swedish Spa and Wellness market. The result is a spa without too many rules and “how to”, which Swedish people are often known for. If you want to enjoy an organic beer by the pool while you watch the spa cinema, why not? Or if you really relax while listening to rock music, why not enjoy that during the treatment? The new social concept is based upon Hotel Tylösands vision “Be Inspired”, and the spa guest will be inspired by through music, happiness and mixology.


For centuries music has been used for healing the mind and the body. We know music affects us both emotionally and intellectually and for us music is a great inspiration, a way to deep relaxation and rest and pure enjoyment.
We believe the guests know best which type of music will make them truly relax, so we ask them to select their own music. In the “pick me up area” the guest are presented with 5 choices of playlists to enjoy during the treatment, with everything from silence&nature to rock music.

There are many ways to inspire people to re-discover their joy. Some of us need a good laugh, some need peacefulness…To enjoy life and be inspired to the fullest, the spa guests at Tylösand can have the opportunity to watch a movie while leaning back in the lounger or while slowly swim in the pool. This “Swim-in-film”- experience is totally unique in Sweden. A more energetic option is the virtual aqua-training or the virtual spinning through forests and by the seaside, with scents from the area.

In the Mixology bar, unique for Tylösand, we mix nutrition for the inside and the outside. Spa guests can order both fresh, organic food and snacks as well as organic skin care (by weight!) – preferably in the same order. You can either pick ready made Mixology-box, mixed with healthy snacks and skin care. Or enjoy a colourful Mixology-tray with organic products, where you pick your flavor / scent on the body scrub (blueberry, cranberry, coconut, pear), just like when you buy ice-cream.
You can also participate in the Mixologi-lab event, where you together with others create your own body scrub to take home.

To learn more about the award winning spa at Tylösand, click here



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