Instead of finding the best spa managers, let’s help to develop them

Most spas have experienced the difficulties in finding qualified and experienced staff for their operations. In particular spa managers, who can combine the sensitivity of understanding guests as well as the needs of the therapists they manage, with a strong sense for business and leadership

We believe it is time to invest more in spa managers and therapists to help them develop into the kind of leaders we expect to see heading our operations. Often the basics are there. Therapists, who show strong levels of common sense, leadership capabilities and a flair for emotional sensitivity should be given the opportunities to grow and see whether they would do well in the corporate side of the spa industry. Spa Managers may need an industry based platform that will help them to deepen their knowledge and skills in their given role. 

To this end, Raison d’Etre created an on-line Spa Management Course in 2012, which has seen over 200 graduate students participating from more than 60 countries so far. 

The course consists of 7 modules covering everything from leadership, marketing, HR and finance cumulating in students creating a full business plan as their final assignment. 140 hours of course material and support, including 23 video tutorials, is backed by numerous manuals and templates. All examples presented are drawn from real-time spa scenarios and students have the opportunity to receive personal feedback throughout the course from Nikos Kouremenos, the Program Manager. 

We created this course for spa therapists and managers who wish to progress in their career and are interested in deepening their knowledge in this ever expanding industry. 

The Global Wellness institute announced that 70,000 new spa managers would be needed by 2020. As an industry we cannot wait for those spa managers to appear, hopeful that they will have the required skills and knowledge to take on their required roles. 

If we want them to be ready to lead the spa industry into the future, we need to start training them today. 



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