Accessible and Affordable Wellness

In the third part of Raison d’Etre’s Wellness Trends we take a look at the growing demand for accessible and affordable wellness.


We are living in very curious times, where the pace of life is often so fast that our situation changes not so much on a yearly or monthly basis but from week to week and sometimes even day to day. It is a natural human characteristic to adapt to change and reflect and rearrange priorities and work out what really matters. So it comes as no surprise that more and more people, regardless of status and income level, are beginning to reflect on their quality of life and seek an improvement by focussing on their health and wellbeing.

Our industry is responding to this shift in thinking by moving away from the stereotype that ‘wellness is a luxury affordable to few’ and towards the belief that wellness can be accessible and affordable to all.

wellness centre

From hotel chains and fitness centres, to day spas, healthy food outlets and wellbeing retreats, affordable wellness is on the rise through a variety of different sectors within our industry. The reasonably priced IHG hotel chain is leading the way with its comprehensive wellness offering. Healthy fast food chains such as Reload Superfood Bars (Sweden), Leon (the UK) and Sweetgreen (the US) are responding to the demand for affordable, seasonable healthy food across the world.  Highly successful low-priced spas, such as Massage Envy, across the US which is also moving into Australia and Nail Sunny in Russia all offer luxury spa design but with affordable beauty services including facials, nail design, ombre hair colouring and many other pampering treatments .  The affordable wellness trend has not been ignored by Asia either, with a boom in Korean cosmetics resulting in a wealth of reasonably- priced, effective masks, creams, serums and nourishing oils sold online across the globe.  Now even wellness vacations need not break the bank, with travel specialists such as Book Retreats offering affordable yoga breaks to a variety of different exotic destinations.

Ultimately, every human strives to be happy and live in joy, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously. The increasing realisation that feeling well, both in mind and body, enhances a joyous spirit will continue to drive this wellbeing trend, with more and more people turning to the wellness industry to help them improve their quality of living. Going forward, affordable and innovative concepts in wellness, and the use of wellness consulting services, will play an ever increasing role in many sections of our industry.




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