There’s a Scandi word for that!

Scandi word

The likes of Hygge and Lagom have been waltzing their way into the English language, with the relaxing ‘everything in moderation’ lure of the Scandi lifestyle ever present in our everyday lives. The spiritual, social and economic elements that make our home countries of Scandinavia some of the happiest, wealthiest, most beautiful and environmentally sustainable countries on earth today are at the heart of our LivNordic, brand which is based in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm.

Offering guests spaces to connect, recharge and enjoy life the Nordic way, in spas, hotels, at sea or at work, our team at LivNordic has put together its list of 2017’s most aspiring Scandinavian words that we all should consider adopting.

Fika A Swedish word meaning ‘to meet up for a cup of coffee and something sweet’. You can Fika as a noun or a verb – to Fika or go for a Fika. It’s casual, but you can Fika with your friends, or even have a Fika date. You can Fika with colleagues at work or even fika with your family. It’s a social thing, you can’t Fika alone!

Forelsket A Norwegian and Danish word that means ‘that intoxicatingly euphoric feeling you experience when you’re first falling in love’. That pre-real-love. More than fancy, less than love.

Klämdag A Swedish word, literally meaning Squeeze Day. If there is a bank holiday then a working day and then another day off, that working day will become a ‘Squeeze Day’ – and we’ll all be off work.

Fredagsmys A Swedish word meaning ‘Friday cozy’. Taking place every Friday, Fredagsmys includes nice food, sweets and a cozy evening setting. But it can only be on a Friday!

Mysa A Swedish word that is almost like snuggle. However, the difference you can do it with someone, alone, or even in a café – maybe ‘to cosy up’ is more apt!

Kura Skymning A Swedish term meaning ‘sitting quietly and pondering at dusk’.

Livsnjutare A Swedish word describing the type of person who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.

Smultronställe A Swedish words that translates to ‘wild strawberry place’. A special place discovered, treasured and returned to for solace and relaxation. A personal idyll, free from stress and sadness.

Friluftsliv A Swedish word translated to ‘free air life’. It’s where different spots and activities are done outdoors while exploring and appreciating nature. It’s a much-appreciated nature connecting and uplifting activity in both Norway and Sweden.


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