Sauna Nights

41_Spa_Sauna_9530 compressed.jpg

There is nothing so comforting and reassuring as the feeling of warmth. Being enveloped in an invisible cloak of glorious heat helps us feel safe, relaxed, calm and carefree. No wonder then that at the heart of every spa design you will find the soothing, quiet space of a sauna – the signature heat experience.

Saunas, which originate from Finland, are at the very heart of Nordic culture and, together with cold baths, form the mainstay of the Nordic Bathing ritual, adopted for our innovative and highly successful LivNordic spa design. The premise of LivNordic, created by Spa Consultancy Raison D’Etre is simple: to embrace a natural way of living which draws inspiration from nature, creativity, contrasts of culture and simplicity of design found in the Nordic countries. Here the regime of spending quality time in the hot heat of the sauna immediately followed by a cold dip in an icy lake or pool, emulated with cold showers, ice plunges and snow grottos, is the route to wellbeing. The cold dip increases the saunas elevation of heart rate, adrenaline and endorphin release to ease any muscular pain and boost your mood.

Incorporating Sauna Nights for guests, where a small group can experience the traditional Nordic Bathing ritual together, has been a huge success. Guests are guided through a range of different experiences starting with a short meditation followed by a succession of alternate visits to the sauna and the snow room. Exchanging the cleansing heat of a sauna for the refreshing plunge in a cold bath helps release muscular tension, eliminate toxins and improve circulation. The ritual concludes with a gentle warm hug to the heart – releasing hormones that boost wellbeing, relaxation and happiness.

Meeting in the evening to share in this therapeutic experience is the perfect way to forget about the rigours of the day. It also helps prepare the body for quality sleep and regeneration. By raising the body temperature in the sauna before you go to bed, your heated body will automatically work to readjust and bring the temperature back down, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed enough to get a good night’s sleep. Also by easing any aches and pains such as headaches, muscle soreness or fatigue, evening sauna sessions help to alleviate many of the things that may cause restlessness and disrupted sleep patterns.

Creating inner stillness in this way is not only the perfect preparation for essential rest and rejuvenation but also for helping to achieve total peace of mind and a deeper sense of wellbeing.


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