Collaborative Thinking

Team 3

Our Raison d’Etre team is made up of people from around the world, each offering valuable insights into the global wellness industry. With over 20 years as a spa consultancy, we can confidently say that it’s this working collaboratively which helps us reach the most innovative, original and creative wellness solutions. Whereas one mind can only realistically see from one perspective, ideas that have been processed and contributed to by others can only become stronger, more developed and clear.
This is an approach we have put into practice with our Think Tank service, which brings together different areas of expertise to develop wellness solutions and proposals for all types of businesses. However, whether you have a large or small business, you too can adopt the collaborative thinking method that we use. Here are the top five benefits we’ve experienced from working as a collaborative team:
1. Increased skill set
By bringing together a varied group of minds, meetings and brainstorms become a dynamic environment reaping the benefits from several different skill sets. Your clients and projects will be benefitting from the strengths of different ways of thinking – one team member might have an abundance of creativity, whilst a more practical-thinker helps with the logistics.
2. Problems are solved quickly
With multiple minds comes multiple viewpoints which, as well as promoting creativity and helping ideas to flourish, helps to resolve problems. A team member is often the best person to turn to when you cannot see a clear solution for yourself. Equally, working closely with others can help to resolve issues within the team, encouraging employees to negotiate with one another to reach a compromise.
3. You’ll work more efficiently
A collaborative team has the capacity to work on several different projects at once. Often called a ‘Divide and Conquer’ approach, splitting tasks between a team before coming together to reach a final project means things are done quicker, more efficiently and with a several pairs of eyes to spot flaws and foresee issues.
4. Individuals become more developed
Seeing how a variety of different minds work can also strengthen each individual team member. A team member may watch the thought-process of a colleague, perhaps even a colleague with more experience, and use their creative strategies to reach their own unique solutions.
5. Job satisfaction for all!
Working as a team raises the feel-good factor in the workplace, giving a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement to all involved. At Raison d’Etre, we rely on each other for inspiration and support, fostering a happy and healthy environment for us to return to each day.


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