Cruise Critic’s Editor’s Picks Awards

Cruise Spa Compressed

Cruise Critic is the UK’s go-to when it comes to booking cruises, so it’s no surprise that we were delighted to have won not one, but two inaugural awards in their annual, prestigious awards. Celebrating the best of the world’s cruise ships and cruise lines, Cruise Critic’s Editor’s Picks Awards collate the expert knowledge of the editorial team to find the best in a number of cruising categories. Securing both ‘Best Spa’ and ‘Best Value for Money’ in the Luxury Cruise Line category, Viking Ocean Cruises took the sea by storm this year!

As a spa consultancy, we were delighted that our wellness expertise proved valuable to the design of the LivNordic spas aboard Viking Ocean Cruises. To win ‘Best Spa’ fortifies to us that wellness is becoming more and more important in day-to-day life, with vacations becoming a time to boost your health and wellbeing rather than to stop taking care of yourself.

Moreover, we hope that our authentically Nordic approach to wellness helps to introduce cruise guests to a whole new way of thinking about wellness. Feeling healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated – by simply taking a moment to pause and concentrate on the contrasting warm and cool sensations you’ll experience in a LivNordic spa, you become at one with nature and with yourself. It’s simple! As Cruise Critic put it: ‘Viking has set the bar high; its ocean ships offer the best spa at sea.’

To further encourage our mission of giving wellness to all, Viking Ocean Cruises picked up the ‘Best Value for Money’ award. This is another important achievement for us, as it is paramount for us to deliver an experience that guests feel is valuable and worthwhile. Perhaps this is what makes us stand out in the Luxury Cruise Line world – we opt out of unnecessary tricks and gimmicks, instead getting straight to the core of luxury wellness. In practice, this means drinks with lunch and dinner, Wi-Fi, one tour in every port, meals in main and specialty restaurant venues and gorgeous top-deck, all-weather hangouts to name but a few.

It’s been an excellent year for Viking Ocean Cruises, and we hope to continue changing the landscape of the cruise ship industry this year. Creating and innovating is what we do at Raison d’Etre, and when it comes to the world of cruises… we’re only just getting started!


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