The Anti-Trend Report


At Raison d’Etre (RdE) our company values, integrity and authenticity are extremely important to us. Every year the world sees a huge amount of new trends advising us on how we can live a healthier life. While some of these can be inspiring and motivating, others can be impractical and at times shocking – especially when it comes to beauty developments.

Impact of Trends

Some of these “bizarre trends” are fleeting and lose popularity. However they are quickly replaced with a new ‘hype’. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve read new ways to shape our eyebrows.

However some trends don’t disappear as quickly and can often have a negative impact on individual wellbeing. One of the best examples of this is social media; which became overwhelmingly popular in such a short space of time. On one hand social media is a great way to spread knowledge and interact with others; however it can also, when used negatively, be detrimental to people’s self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

Anti Trend

Anti Trend

As more and more trends continue to develop, the Think Tank at RdE wants to focus on trends that we believe really are inspiring, effective and can make a positive difference in your life. As a result, we have decided to create an Anti-Trend report; a list of wellness trends that we genuinely believe in and hope to implement into our work and daily lives.

That is why, this year we will be releasing a monthly article or blog post discussing the trends that we think are beneficial for you and encourage nurture in the community.

Whatever we choose to talk about will grow, so join us in naming your anti trends and let’s focus on creating a better and healthier wellness world together in 2018.

Yours truly

The Raison d’Etre Think Tank


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