Wellness Travel IS Booming

wellnes hols 1

More and more people are investing in wellness escapes and travelling to destinations around the world in a bid to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you need some time away from the rat race, life stress, a relationship breakdown or an illness, wellness travel is one of the best investments you’ll make in 2018.

In addition to indulging in some time-out during a time of need or distress in your life; Skip Gen holidays, where grandchildren go on an adventure with their grandparents and Be Happy Holidays are on the rise this year.

As leading Spa consultants, we’ve outlined our favourite wellness trends and chosen idyllic spas and retreats for you to visit for these special occasions:
Breaks, Break-ups and Life-Transitions

Contrary to the belief that holidays are reserved for celebratory events such as honeymoons and anniversaries, more people are planning wellness holidays following the breakdown of a relationship or another major life-changing event. The stress and anxiety caused by major life changes like divorce, lead many individuals on a solo wellness trip, to tap into the transformative power of travel. Retreats are responding to this growing trend, offering a plethora of emotional healing therapies, stress management and life coaching services.

Empty Nest syndrome is another example of a life change that some spas now have programs for. Of course, serious illness and death are some of the most challenging times in someone’s life but are not the only hard times people face. Divorce and job loss are among the many life challenges millions cope with every day, and any destination spa or resort spa can be a good place for people to reflect, rejuvenate and restore their lives.

Spas that offer full wellness programs are a particularly good choice. In the future we think (and hope) more spas will recognise their natural role in providing healing, support and care to people facing serious illness and death – and the opportunities they must help them deal with life’s challenges… both large and small.

Examples: Mii amo Spa, (Sedona Arizona, USA), Phuket Cleanse (Thailand), Kamalaya Embracing Change (Thailand), BodyHoliday September Solos (St Lucia).

Skip a Generation Holidays

wellness hols 2
While last year we saw a rising trend for family and ‘multi-generational’ holidays; 2018 is set to be the year of ‘skip-gen’ trips, where grandparents take grandchildren and go on once-in-a-lifetime holidays, leaving parents behind. The reason for this shift can be attributed to the fact that the baby boomer generation are now retiring, with their top priorities being family and travel. Skip-gen holidays combine the two, providing the opportunity for major milestones such as graduations and special birthdays to be celebrated in style.

Examples: Six Senses Zighy Bay (Oman), Sun Gardens Dubrovnik (Croatia), Kamalaya (Thailand)

Be Happy Retreats

Wellness hols 3
According to recent studies, experiences, not things, make us happy; therefore, it’s no surprise that people are investing more on satisfying their wanderlust than buying material goods. Activities like morning hikes and beach circuit training all foster the production of serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’) and the likes of laughter yoga, smile-asanas and inner-smile meditation will soon fill your retreat schedule.

Other examples are of course the O – holidays – travel to celebrate the special 0 birthdays – 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70’s and onwards where perhaps the largest group are in the 40-50-60 as that is the groups with most disposable income.

Examples: The Mind Coaching Retreat at Macdonald Monchique (Portugal), SwaSwara (India), Shanti Maurice De-stress (Mauritius)



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