Instead of finding the best spa managers, let’s help to develop them

Most spas have experienced the difficulties in finding qualified and experienced staff for their operations. In particular spa managers, who can combine the sensitivity of understanding guests as well as the needs of the therapists they manage, with a strong sense for business and leadership. 

We believe it is time to invest more in spa managers and therapists to help them develop into the kind of leaders we expect to see heading our operations. Often the basics are there. Therapists, who show strong levels of common sense, leadership capabilities and a flair for emotional sensitivity should be given the opportunities to grow and see whether they would do well in the corporate side of the spa industry. Spa Managers may need an industry based platform that will help them to deepen their knowledge and skills in their given role. 

To this end, Raison d’Etre created an on-line Spa Management Course in 2012, which has seen over 200 graduate students participating from more than 60 countries so far. 

The course consists of 7 modules covering everything from leadership, marketing, HR and finance cumulating in students creating a full business plan as their final assignment. 140 hours of course material and support, including 23 video tutorials, is backed by numerous manuals and templates. All examples presented are drawn from real-time spa scenarios and students have the opportunity to receive personal feedback throughout the course from Nikos Kouremenos, the Program Manager. 

We created this course for spa therapists and managers who wish to progress in their career and are interested in deepening their knowledge in this ever expanding industry. 

The Global Wellness institute announced that 70,000 new spa managers would be needed by 2020. As an industry we cannot wait for those spa managers to appear, hopeful that they will have the required skills and knowledge to take on their required roles. 

If we want them to be ready to lead the spa industry into the future, we need to start training them today.  


New spa concept in Tylösand, Sweden

One of the most popular spa resorts in Sweden has recently refurbished its spa facilities with a new concept made by Raison d’Etre.
Together with Tylösand we had an ambition to do something new and different for the Swedish Spa and Wellness market. The result is a spa without too many rules and “how to”, which Swedish people are often known for. If you want to enjoy an organic beer by the pool while you watch the spa cinema, why not? Or if you really relax while listening to rock music, why not enjoy that during the treatment? The new social concept is based upon Hotel Tylösands vision “Be Inspired”, and the spa guest will be inspired by through music, happiness and mixology.


For centuries music has been used for healing the mind and the body. We know music affects us both emotionally and intellectually and for us music is a great inspiration, a way to deep relaxation and rest and pure enjoyment.
We believe the guests know best which type of music will make them truly relax, so we ask them to select their own music. In the “pick me up area” the guest are presented with 5 choices of playlists to enjoy during the treatment, with everything from silence&nature to rock music.

There are many ways to inspire people to re-discover their joy. Some of us need a good laugh, some need peacefulness…To enjoy life and be inspired to the fullest, the spa guests at Tylösand can have the opportunity to watch a movie while leaning back in the lounger or while slowly swim in the pool. This “Swim-in-film”- experience is totally unique in Sweden. A more energetic option is the virtual aqua-training or the virtual spinning through forests and by the seaside, with scents from the area.

In the Mixology bar, unique for Tylösand, we mix nutrition for the inside and the outside. Spa guests can order both fresh, organic food and snacks as well as organic skin care (by weight!) – preferably in the same order. You can either pick ready made Mixology-box, mixed with healthy snacks and skin care. Or enjoy a colourful Mixology-tray with organic products, where you pick your flavor / scent on the body scrub (blueberry, cranberry, coconut, pear), just like when you buy ice-cream.
You can also participate in the Mixologi-lab event, where you together with others create your own body scrub to take home.

To learn more about the award winning spa at Tylösand, click here


Internal Marketing Strategies

If your spa is located in a hotel, have you set your internal marketing strategies yet? What are you doing to market your spa internally? Do you have strategies for how to market your spa to your colleagues? This is actually very important to have a plan for.

The definition of internal marketing, as we see it is; It’s a management philosophy of promoting your spa to people who already know about your business and actually already works (in a way) for your business – We are talking about the hotel staff…

By treating them also as a type of customer they can learn about the spa and by that more easily promote the spa’s products and services and maybe even become your best ambassadors. The rationale behind internal marketing is that a hotel- or resort spa finds ways to ensure that all guest relation staff in the hotel also talks about the spa for the guests.


There are many ways to do this and we talk about it in our Spa Marketing Program, but how do you get started?

  • First of all; Ensure that you as a spa manager can attend “new hotel staff induction and training sessions”. Make sure you have a time slot so you can introduce yourself and present your spa and explain the concept, services and the experience, so every new staff member in the hotel knows there IS a spa and what you do. All new hotel staff should also have a tour of the spa facilities. This may sound simple, but our experience says it’s not always happening…
  • For all new spa treatments or services, you will also need to plan how to inform, not only your own spa staff, but also how to inform the staff in the hotel. It is important that the hotel staff, particularly, Guest Relations Team and Front desk Team are aware of all news and promotions in the spa as they are the ones who meet all your potential guests – DAILY!
  • How do you do this? Do you have set routines for email updates to the different departments? Are you regularly joing team meetings to share spa information? Have you plans for “internal launch-campaigns for new treatments and products? Have you actually tested to do a mystery shopper and called the hotel’s reservation team to see if they mention the spa for a potential hotel guest? And do you have a plan with the hotels’ HR team for cross-training for the staff?
  • As Michael Jordan says: “Talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. So it’s all about teaming up with the hotel staff to ensure your guests find their way to your spa…

As you see there are so many ways to work with, what we call, Internal Marketing. Join our Spa Marketing Course for more ideas and inspiration for new strategies. You can either join our complete Spa Management Program or just study a course in Spa Marketing. Welcome to our new Education portal:

(Image borrowed from Nikko Hotel in Saigon)

Be inspired – Enhance your yoga practice

We have found two inspiring books to keep us inspired for a more yogic lifestyle this summer. These two books are more than just books…



The Yogaagenda is both a planner, handbook and journal for your practice, with inspiring ideas, suggestions and guidelines for a suitable yoga practice, depending on the time of the year. I use this as a calendar and journal, setting my personal goals and writing reflections about life and my wellbeing. The agenda is filled with beautiful pictures and images and has lot’s of space for your thoughts and writing. It’s a guidebook, journal and has many interesting articles about nutrition, conscious breathing, different yoga styles and so much more… There are not many books that I look into nearly every week…

(Editor for Yogaagenda, Elena Sepúlveda)

Wanderlust, by Jeff Krasno

I found this book in Bangkok earlier this year, and although I did not need to make my luggage even heavier (it’s a heavy book) I just had to buy it. It was full of INSPIRATION! Affirmations, quotes, beautiful images, yoga sequenses, travel inspiration and stories and so much more. A true lifestyle book, and as the book is described by the authors: A modern Yogi’s guide to Discovering Your Best Self, this is also sort of a handbook and guidebook on your spiritual and yogic life journey. This book also has space to make your own notes, reflections and thoughts. The book is so beautifully designed and the artwork and graphic design is a pure joy to look at. So if you need to find new inspiration into a more yogic lifestyle this is the book to read.


The LivNordic Swedish Massage

The History of Swedish Massage
In the 19th century the Swede Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839 ) created a massage system which today goes under Swedish massage or classic massage. Ling is called the father of Swedish gymnastics and wanted to create a massage technique similar to the movements of gymnastics to stimulate blood circulation, strengthen muscles and create a better balance between muscles and bones. His ideas even influenced medical care, even if the doctors resistance in the beginning was huge. Ling managed to eventually establish several doctors at his institute and his methods spread rapidly within and outside the country. Doctors from abroad came to visit to experience what they called the “Swedish Movement Cure “. What is left of it today is the “Swedish massage”.

Swedish Classic Massage is today practiced worldwide and is known as one of the most popular types of massage. There are many different interpretations of the massage techniques over the world and it is often performed more soft and relaxing than the original deep and firm Swedish way, more similar to a sports massage, which was the very reason to its creation.

What Makes the LivNordic Swedish Massages so unique?
Our training team in Stockholm has developed the basic Swedish Massage techniques further, to create an exceptional massage – unique for Raison d’Etre and LivNordic. So what makes our Swedish massages so special?
The LivNordic Swedish massage offerings are authentic, simple and creatively designed – which are all typical characteristic of Nordic culture and people. Guest may first choose from a selection of Swedish massages and will then be guided to a specific focus and upgrade, for the ultimate personalized experience. All treatments are specifically created for LivNordic based upon unique conscious-touch techniques. The menu includes the Swedish language (with English translation) to support the true Nordic essence.


Soothe your body and spirit with this mindful massage. Gentle yet profound, this treatment relaxes your muscles and eases your joints, perfect when you need a tranquil experience, long for an extra treat or just want to ease into stillness. Organic aromatherapy oil from The Organic Pharmacy soothes the senses and calms the nerves. Our skilled therapist will tailor your massage to your individual needs. Suggested upgrades to the Swedish Mindful massage would be Face & Scalp massage or Guided meditation.

Feel cleansed and renewed with this rejuvenating massage, an excellent start – or complement– to a detox. Perfect after working out or if you have been retaining fluid, the detoxifying treatment stimulates your body, increases circulation and reduces signs of cellulite using connective tissue massage, classic massage and lymphatic draining techniques. The massage is tailored to your needs. Suggested upgrades to this massage are Detoxifying Body Scrub or cupping.

Release your tension with this thorough and invigorating deep tissue massage, our most popular. Using techniques from the traditional Swedish Classic, this energizing treatment soothes deep muscle tissue, relieves soreness and enhances overall mobility. Stretch out, breathe deep and ease into balance after this body work treatment. Our skilled therapist will tailor your massage to your individual needs. Suggested upgrades to this massage are dry skin brushing and stretching.

As part of the LivNordic Spa experience the guest receives professional home-care advices from their dedicated therapists. The LivNordic Spa shop features a verity of spa and Lifestyle products that simply can be incorporated to guest’s daily life for enhanced wellbeing.

/Carolina Moquist, Spa Director, LivNordic Spa & Wellness in Cayan Tower, Dubai.


Currently you can experience the authentic LivNordic Swedish Massages in the LivNordic Spa in Dubai and on board Viking Star and Viking Sea.

We are looking for talent and passion

We are currently recruiting therapists for our LivNordic Spas. Do you want to travel around the world and meet new cultures, people and places? Then a position onboard a LivNordic Spa on Viking Cruises might be right for you.
We are looking for passionate and professional therapists who are open minded, willing to grow, enjoy a high and fast paced working environment, are dedicated to caring for colleagues and guests and are interested in embracing the unique LivNordic concept.
NVQ, ITEC, CIDESCO or equivalent qualifications are required.

If you area interested to find out more contact us directly: or visit

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Welcome to our new Education portal

Finally we are ready to launch our new Education portal and web for our Education Program and Courses. We are so proud and happy that we can offer a platform only dedicated to training, education and development, a completely new site for our Spa Business Education.
It’s a a new, fresh, easy to navigate website where you can access both the Spa Management Program and our Spa Business Courses. You are able to get all the information you need about our online spa business education programs, purchase courses directly on the site and get immediate log in to our education platforms, videos, lectures and material. We look forward meeting you here!
Our next Spa Management Program starts 12th of September and it will all be happening through the new portal. Welcome to our new Education portal!


Sauna – healing and contemplation


(Picture from Grotto Sauna in Canada)

For us in Scandinavia the sauna is a true healing place. For me, grewing up in Finland, sauna was a true part of my everyday life. I did not go to sauna every day as a child, but at least 2-3 times a week. Friday evenings was a must for all in the family.

In Finland all my friends had a sauna in their home, no matter how big or small house. Even friends living in small apartments had a sauna either in the apartment or a communal one in the basement of a building, where the neighbors would take turn and book their weekly hours in the sauna.

When moving to Stockholm I was without a sauna for many years and how I missed it.    For me it’s the best way to reduce stress, to completely calm down and detoxify, both the body and the mind. I have not found a yoga session or meditation style that could ever deliver that same sensation of wellbeing that I feel after a sauna session, completed with a dip in a lake.

After many years in Stockholm we bought an old house and could build our own sauna. How happy I was to return to my child hood habits and routines… and also be able to share them with my children. Teaching them to get used to the heat and convincing them how great it is to run out from the sauna and roll around in the snow and quickly get in again to heat up… Well, my kids, born in Sweden, are not as convinced as I am about the sauna & snow combo…yet…

And now we are in Spain… and yes we have enough of the warm temperatures here, but how we miss that ritual of contemplation, stillness, purification… Do I have to mention that we are of course planning for a sauna project in the Mallorcan countryside?

// Maria, originally from Jakobstad, Finland

bastu båt.jpg(Picture from Bastubåten in Larsmo, Finland)

Here are some interesting Sauna Facts:

  • First story of saunas can be read from 50 years after Christ was born.
  • It is believed that the Vikings might have brought the tradition to Nordic countries.
  • The original sauna was a ‘Smoke Sauna’ (Savu Sauna) – it takes 8 hours to warm up and has no chimney.
  • At the very first Swedish bathing house, founded in 1269, women used birch twigs to whip the client’s skin into tingling pink freshness.
  • SAUNA – is a Finnish word
  • Saturday used to be the traditional Sauna Day – to bath, as a preparation for Sunday.
  • Löyly – is the Finnish word for the steam that rise from the owen when water is poured over the hot stones. Also called the breath of the spirits.
  • Birch twigs are handpicked at a certain time of the year, and are used to gently hit the skin. It cleanses the skin, boost circulation, nourishes and disinfect.
  • Normally Sauna is a place for silence and for beingness – inner peace, and inner beauty.
  • The old proverb “in the Church and in the Sauna we should behave in the same manner” says a lot about the importance of the old sauna culture.
  • For us in Scandinavia quality time in a sauna, followed by a cold dip in a lake is one way to achieve high levels of health. Why not join us and enjoy the Nordic lifestyle and wellbeing in LivNordic Spa’s bathing experiences, where the sauna and cold experiences are the basis for inducing deep relaxation and wellbeing.1.jpgDid you know that the largest sauna in the world is found in Norway? It opened in 2015 and is 180 sqm. The Agora Sauna (picture below) can take up to 100 persons and has a beautiful view over mountains and sea. It is located in Sandhornoya and the design is inspired by Norwegian fish racks.Agora(Picture from Agora Sauna, Norway)

Dedicate this summer to a Spa Marketing course and be ready for…

… to start working with the Marketing Plan 2017 for your spa!

The time is soon here, the time of the year when all the plans for next year is to be put into papers and action lists. Now is the time for you to sharpen your axe, and what could be better than dedicating a few weeks of this summer to study Spa Marketing. You will be well prepared for the coming work with next year’s marketing plans, and you will have new inspiration, ideas and strategies to take your marketing activities to a whole new level.

We have the perfect education-solution for summer times. Short and flexible spa business courses in Spa Marketing and Spa Finance. The courses are perfect to study parallel with your job, as they are fully flexible and focus on one subject at a time – The perfect way to “sharpen the axe” in a selected subject.


For more information:

LivNordic launches Light Lights

LivNordic Spa & Wellness Cayan Tower is the first LivNordic Spa to launch the brands Light Lights campaign, supporting children’s charity.

logoOur brand LivNordic is a visionary spa concept, which intertwines traditional Nordic treatments with a modern touch. The belief that mindfulness and wellbeing are intrinsically linked is central to the LivNordic concept.

‘The Vision of Raison d’Etre has always been to light lights for others, we wish to bring this to LivNordic by launching Light Lights in all LivNordic spas.’ Says Anna-Cari Gund, MD for Raison d’Etre spas.

For every quarter, LivNordic Spas will focus on a selected treatment from the spa menu and for each booked Light Lights treatment, the spa will donate ten percent of the revenue to a selected Charity. The altruistic mentality of the LivNordic brand fuses personal meditation with a wider act of kindness.

LivNordic Spa & Wellness in Cayan Tower is the first LivNordic Spa to launch the charity campaign, starting 1st of August with the Northern Stillness Massage as the first treatment package to be selected for this promotion.1x

A unique Nordic wellness experience lasting 120 minutes, including a Face and Scalp massage, a soothing body scrub and a mindful massage. It is cooling, calming and meditative. This treatment combined with an act of charitable giving captures the true LivNordic lifestyle, is guiding guests to their most connected, conscious and healthy selves.

“We are delighted to announce that LivNordic, Cayan Tower in Dubai, has decided to support Northern Lights Children’s Charity. A children’s charity formed to raise funds to give children with life limiting illnesses a unique experience of a very special holiday”, says Carolina Moquist, Spa Director at LivNordic Spa & Wellness, Cayan Tower, Dubai.
Every December the organisation gives children with life limiting illnesses a chance to travel to the Arctic circle to experience a Christmas holiday filled with magic that will give them a memory for life. The children taken on the holidays are nominated and identified by medical staff and social workers in Northern UK. These magical holidays give the children such a boost that will benefit both the children and their families, both physically and mentally.
NL_logo“The children selected for these holidays all have life limiting illnesses and have endured long periods of time in hospital being cut off from family and friends. The holiday gives them the chance to be children once more unshackled from the constraints of their illnesses and cared for by trained professionals. For me, to witness the children being pulled on sleds by reindeer or huskies, to enjoy skidoo rides and tobogganing and then receive presents from the real Father Christmas, himself surrounded by his elves in his toy factory under the canopy of the Northern Lights in the sky, is truly amazing to see. These holidays really do light up the lives of these children and we really appreciate being selected by LivNordic Cayan Tower, Dubai as their nominated charity for their Light Lights campaign.” Karen Jones, Founder member and Chair of Northern Lights Children’s Charity said

“We are very happy to share support to The Northern Lights Children’s charity. Supporting them means they can help more ill children to experience something magical and memorable. They are lighting lights for ill children and we are very proud to support them through our Light Lights project”, says Moquist, Spa Director for LivNordic Spa, Cayan Tower Location.

More information on LivNordic & Northern Lights Charity

“One to watch” – LivNordic Spa in Spa Business

Spa franchises are growing and Spa Business’ Jane Kitchen has written an interesting article (2/2016) about all the niche business opportunities opening up across the globe, including our LivNordic concept. FullSizeRenderIMG_6640

How to live NORDICLY

In the latest issue of Stylist Arabia we found lot’s of Nordic inspiration, when it comes to food, travel and fashion. Stylist Arabia is a free weekly women’s magazine for cosmopolitan, urban, professionals who have an appreciation for the latest in fashion, beauty, travel and entertainment.

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To discover our Nordic World – visit LivNordic or visit a LivNordic Spa in Dubai

“Time to Glow and Grow” in Dubai

logoThis week our LivNordic Spa in Dubai had an exciting event when Executive-Women hosted ‘Time to Glow and Grow’ in the spa. It was an intimate Iftar gathering held at LivNordic Spa & Wellness Cayan Tower, with a talk on self-confidence by founder of Youshala, Aicha Kouwatly.
Kouwatly is a dynamic entrepreneur focusing on women empowerment and helping self-accomplished women lead fulfilling lives. A certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, Aicha used her famous Michael Angelo Sculpting technique for self-break through.
Kouwatly took the attendees through Michael Angelo’s secret recipe and his ‘sculpturing’ technique, that can inspire anyone to uncover their potential. She presented a visual exercise to demonstrate how society affects an individual, stating that people need to start looking at things from a different aspect. Aicha ended her talk by leaving the guests with a thought to ponder upon, saying “consider your life experiences just as something that is polishing you into a smoother version of yourself.”
Guests broke their fast to healthy yet sumptuous bites from the traditional Ramadan Jallab juice, to the eccentric Halawa dessert wrap, the table was a mix of traditional and unconventional.
The Spa Director, Carolina Moquist, welcomed the women and introduced them to the unique Liv Nordic spa & Wellness concept and facilities and stated, “I am very excited to be hosting this event in collaboration with Executive-Women, we look forward to invite our guest to experience our Nordic traditions by offering a complete wellness and lifestyle experience.” Following the talk, the women were invited to tour the spa facilities, and indulge in a variety of express treatments, such as back massages, lip, and hand treatments, courtesy of LivNordic Spa & Wellness.
LN eventLn event 3ln event 4.jpgLn event 2The photos are borrowed from 

Sleep better in the heat

sommar 3The hot season is here! In the more Southern parts of Europe the sleep is disturbed by the heat and in the Northern parts of Europe the sleep can be disturbed by the light…even at night time. If you haven’t yet experienced the magical summer nights in Northern part of Scandinavia, do put it on your bucket list. The summer nights are pure magic in June, (except for the mosquitos)…
But, how can we take care of our sleep during the summer, particularly in the warmer climate? Here are some of our advices to stay cool and sleep well throughout June, July and August…

  • Try to only use AC, 30 minutes before you go to bed. Turn it off when you go to sleep, instead of having it on all night.
  • Change your bed sheets to cotton fabric.
  • Take a cold shower before going to bed, or at least shower the legs with cold water.
  • Adapt your sporting-schedule, exercise early in the mornings.
  • Unplug all electric gadgets in your room, and no IPADs or laptops one hour before bed time.
  • Drink enough water during the day. (or why not chilled herbal teas)
  • Eat light in the summer evenings. Avoid too spice and “heavy” food.
  • Do a short meditation or calming breathing exercise before bedtime…shutterstock_276465491

Global Wellness Day is coming closer

yoga.jpg11th of June is the official Global Wellness Day and here in Sweden we will already start on the 10th of June, offering a complimentary outdoor yoga class in the central part of Stockholm. Follow our Facebook profile to be updated with details!

We will host the yoga class in the beautiful Humlegården, a wonderful, lush park close to the business- and shopping district Stureplan. Humlegården is like the lungs of Stockholm, even though the city buzz is just around the corner you find tranquility here and lot’s of people have picnics here during warm summer days.

The yoga class will be hosted by Annette Lefterow, who is a well-known wellness profile in Sweden. She is a yoga teacher and also a writer. She has written a beautiful book called; Din guide till Wellness (in Swedish).
We are so happy that Annette will host this beautiful class to celebrate wellness.

We have the skin care brand Dermalogica in Sweden, Skinconcept as sponsors for this particular event and we are so grateful for this. Thank you for supporting Global Wellness Day Sverige. Students from Yrkeshögskolan för Hudvård & Spa will also join the event. We will shortly reveal all details, timing and where to meet us. Hopefully we will meet there, if you happen to be in Stockholm!