15 Happy graduates from our Spa Management Course

Celebrating the completion in style! Camilla and Sara.

Celebrating the completion in style! Camilla and Sara.

This weekend Raison d’Etre conducted their second and final part of this spings sold out Spa Managers course. The aim is to give the attendees insight, tools and systems to effectivly lead and develop a spa. The 15 atten

A very happy teacher. Anna Bjurstam

dees where absolutely amazing and I believe that there will be a life long bond between several.

The passion and engagment from each one, showed in the discussions and more over the HCM Plans (Human Capital Managament plans – see earlier blog posts) handed in. The HCM plan together with the Business Plan that everyone started, coupled with all the leadership tools, will be the foundation to lead any spa to success.

I think that we have seen some of the leaders in the industry born, there are some interesting projects that these students are taking on, such as a spa in Malta, another mind blowing spa & clinic up in Swedish Lappland, some own business in spa consulting which were developed during the couse and of course great leaders in general!

Big thank you to you all and look forward to next time our paths cross!



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