Spoil the whole family this summer

A spa experience can be the perfect getaway from the troubles (and people) in everyday life. But as much as I enjoy indulging myself, sometimes I want to be able to share the experience with the people I love, including my family. Even kids need to relax and it can be great for the whole family!

Pool at the Raison d'Etre spa at Grand Hôtel

It seems that it’s not just me who feels this way. As reported in one of the UK’s leading papers The Independent last month, researchers at June’s International Luxury Travel Market held in Shanghai highlighted the ‘strong growth in multi-generational family travel among luxury lovers’.

Increasingly it seems, spas will have to cater to this growing trend and many of the best, forward thinking hotels are already providing spa treatments for stressed parents and entertainment for their children. At Raison D’Etre at The Grand Hôtel we have decided to take it one step further, offering the little ones spa treatments of their own.

Families will be able to relax in one of The Grand Hôtel’s two 70 sqm spa suites overlooking the Royal Castle. These suites are separated from the rest of the spa – so those of you without children, who still want to enjoy that quiet, indulgent time alone, will be relieved to hear you still can.

Parents will have complete access to the full spa menu, while children are free to have fun with the product buffet of cranberry scrubs, birch facial masks, hair masks and the ever popular Nordic bathing brush. They can even be treated to hand or foot packs, foot baths, hand, foot or scalp massages and the ever popular mini pedi/mani/facials – all in shorter than normal sessions to suit mini-attention spans.

Another spa, where this has become widely popular is Yasuragi here in Stockholm, that during the summertime are open to families and it is called Yasuragi kids, with a whole package with spa, play, fun and hotel – http://www.yasuragi.se

Kids meditating at Yasuragi

Fun for all the family and a perfect way to pass a little pampering time together.



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