Be inspired of what passion, dedication, hard work and getting on top of your game can get you

This week our own Jari Ketola was nominated to be elected as the best personal trainer in Sweden. The nomination reads:

“With 20 years in fitness and national team competition in both tracks and bobsleigh, competing in the Olympics, he knows what being in shape means. His great books about training has inspired thousands and Jari is undoubtedly one of the industries as well as humble PT’s, givein each custumer his total and undivided attention and focus. He is equally attentive to his students at TheAcademy.”

I asked Jari – What do you love about your job and what is your take on functional training?

“I want to actively create an interest for all people in need of good, effective and optimal training, and to participate in the creation and development of innovation in fitness, wellness and training.

You and my customers are the foundation of my business, so it is obviously very important for me to always put you in the center.

My strength is my knowledge, my passionate commitment, the good teaching ability along with my determination and desire to evolve creates progress and inspiration in you as a customer!

The training is constantly evolving with many new trends, with my broad background in sports I am passionate about individualized functional training where you as a person may develop and perform your max to thus develop yourself and your body health.”

I have worked with Jari the past couple of years and am in awe of his passion and knowledge, but what strikes me the most is his relentless focus and perfectionism, nothing slips him by – in a good way. Small small adjustments can make all the difference and as I have been training all my life, every time I train with Jari, I learn something and improve in a way I couldn’t have by myself.

No one deserves this more then Jari, life has not always been a walk in the park for him, and this is a evidence of that you can be whatever we want, as long as we have a vision and works hard.

If you are living in Sweden, you can vote on Jari, just click on the link

And either way, be inspired of what passion, dedication, hard work and getting on top of your game can get you.



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