My five favorites in March

The winter is still holding a strong grip of Stockholm…not only are we getting tired of the cold temperatures, but also the slippery and icy streets in the city. The skin is also longing for some warmer weather, with some sunshine to warm up our tired and dehydrated skin…

I had a quick look in my bath room and picked out following products, they were all placed in the front line of the shelf, and yes – these products have saved my skin this month;


  1. Jurlique Daily Exfoliant – a great exfoliator/peeling that can be used daily. So gentle, but still effective. It takes away any dullness in the skin and gives immediate freshness and purity. You need to use a specific technique (press and lift), but it’s not difficult at all. Life saver for a dry winter skin that needs to gain some luminosity and glow!
  2. Jurlique Eye Gel – very light gel (there is a cream version for dry skin), this gel is cooling and so refreshing. Wakes me up every morning!
  3. Patyka – Iris body Oil – it took me a while to get used to the scent, but now I’m addicted. Not too strong, kind of a sweet scent, just the perfect scent for the winter. And it makes the skin so soft, and even though it is a nourishing oil it is quickly absorbed.
  4. Subtle Energies Henna and Carrot seed Mist – Ayurvedic herbs and plants refreshes the skin. I use it several times a day, both after cleansing the skin, but also during the day, if I need to refresh or give moist to the skin. One bottle is in my bath room and one is beside my laptop in the office!
  5. 6630 Extreme cycle – well, actually this is not mine…it is my husband’s favorite products. 6630 is a Men’s skin care line. The extreme cycle is perfect for colder climate, and dehydrated skin, but it still doesn’t make your skin shiny. Also very nice packaging according to my hubby.

//Maria (longing for the spring)


Surviving the winter

Stockholm has been freezing cold for the past weeks…and we have more snow than we have had in a long time… A 10 minutes’ walk from our office (in the center of Stockholm) we have Djurgården; a large area with fields, forests and the archipelago just around the corner and this time of the year Djurgården is filled with cross country skiiers, skating around the island almost in the middle of the city…

Although the sunny winter days may be a bliss, we also struggle with the darkness and consequenses of the cold temperatures. A lot of Scandinavians suffer from bad colds and the flu this time of the year. So what is our best health tips to survive this time of the year and stay healthy, happy and energized?

Anna’s best tip is to:

“I use Vitamin D, healthy food, out cross country skiing in nature, great skin care suitable for really cold climates and make sure to get my sleep”.

Josefin’s routine includes a lot of movement:

“To survive during these cold winters I need to keep my body active, so exercising and movement is the key. I try to use saunas, hot baths and take massages as often as possible, to keep up the circulation. To protect my face I am very fond of enzyme peelings and oil based serums that lasts and moisturizes all day long. And also very important, I take supplements for vitamin D, eat warm cooked food and drink a lot of tea”

Maria’s tips:

“I wouldn’t survive the winters here in the north without my own sauna, I go to the sauna at least 3 times a week and I believe this routine is my “health insurance”, (or as a Finnish person I like to think that the sauna is the solution to everything….) I also like to do yoga in heated rooms, not necessary Hot as in Bikram Yoga, I prefer a more moderate approach, but doing yoga in a warm room feels so much more gentle for the body. I believe these two detoxification procedures keeps me going through the dark and cold season!”

Happy winter time from the Rde Team!

maria winter