Nordic Fitness Trends

Our blog’s Nordic Theme continues this week, all included in our new LivNordic brand ( Last week we had a look at Nordic superfoods and this week Isabella starts with exploring Fitness trends in Scandinavia. Fitness trends globally are very alike, big fitness chains are launching their concepts all around the globe. But are we, the consumer, around the globe alike, are our needs and demands alike? We are all influenced by our surroundings, social trends, friends and media and also by our internal needs and level of personal growth and maturity. There is the mass, influenced by what media is saying and the sub groups that has had an interest in a specific wellness or fitness philosophy or regime.

In Sweden, what I can see, there is an upcoming trend; Small fitness clubs that offer more personalized wellness and fitness solutions. Physiotherapists, naprapaths, nutritionists and fitness experts with a life style coaching touch join their venture to give a broader service when people ask for assistance in gaining a healthier life style.

They offer an Analysis based Personal training programs which includes the following: (a) individual medical/fitness and goal-related assessment before, during and after your training period, (b) establishing personal goals and milestones for each client, (c) committing the client for a training period to achieve identified goals, (d) individual assessment and consulting regarding food and nutrition, (e) combining different specific areas of expertise under the “same roof”, for example chiropractors, naprapaths, nutritionists and physiotherapists.

What else is new or trendy?

In the studios and Fitness clubs in Scandinavia we see;

  • Hot yoga is getting hotter in Scandinavia and Northern Europe
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga yoga yoga and then some more variations on Yoga
  • Dance classes – blast us away, ethnic sound and moves
  • Straight forward boot camp style of group exercise, where it’s ok to have two left feet
  • TRX at a gym near you and other functional toys to play with
  • Small group training – 4-6 participants get coaching in a specific work out, TRX and outdoors running groups

I must say that I am impressed by what SATS is doing, this year, full guns blazing, embracing functional training and …..more play. Maybe this is also a sign that we want and need more community, interaction and fun. I sure hope so.

(And ….at Madonna`s gym in Moscow, working out, working for, working to be able to walk in Hiiiiigh heels – unfortunately we are still waiting for this trend to enter in the Scandinavian Fitness clubs…)



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