Riaydh – a city in making

Having just come home from a great trip from Riaydh, where we are creating two new Day Spas – one for men and one for women – in the center of the city. We are working with Will Bruder + Partner as architects, and there is not often you meet architects who sees every job as a masterpiece and devotes full passion and attention, so stay tuned, I believe that this spa will be somthing extraordinary.

What I wanted to share was some insight from our two focus groups we did and some outcomes.

Saudi Men wants:

– Socializing, spas and clubs are not only for keeping healthy but most important is to have space to socialize. The like to have private spaces and when wanted, to be able to book private rooms.

– not surprisingly, specially designed male treatment and massage was the most wanted treatments

– a bit surprising is that they are very interested in hair treatments (not only hair cuts that is)

– Personal training is very important together with dieatry coaching

Saudi Women wants:

– focus more on the quality of treatment and services such as fitness, only the best will do

– Scent is very important and pleasant scent throughout

– Ambience that relaxes and consideration to lighting, noise, water features to soothe and a subtle, luxurious and tasteful design.

– Again socializing is very important

– in terms of treatments – hair again, eye treatments, signature treatments and all types of fitness training is very important

We have lot’s more of statistics and info, and we really found that focus groups brings the research to another level. Riyadh was great, I visited 15 years ago and it has changed a lot and it is really a city in making. Smiling people, enourmous amount of construction, and vibe of positive energy. It was a pleasant surprise and I look forward to next visit!



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