Spa Managers Course part 1 finalized!

We had 14 enthusastic and engaged course participants in this weekends Spa Managers Course. It was a great weekend, with lots of interaction, discussion and development. This first part focus on leadership and what is clear is that spa managers has so much on their plate, and where people is the product as in spas, plans and strategies are key.

Plans and strategies are perhaps not what spa managers enjoy the most to create, but with these in place spa managers will instead make time to do what they enjoy most!

We have come up with the spa aligned HCM (Human Capital Management) plan and there is no doubt that it is working. Strategic and measureable are key to each action, and if every spa would get this structure – a lot of spas would be more profitable today!

HCM is a strategic and measurable approach to how staff is managed. I, in particular, like the measureable part, where every action is measurable in one way or the other. It consist of 5 pillas

1. Strategic objectives including vision, mission, strategies etc.

2. Leadership – what you as a leader need to do to leed more effectively

3. Talent – training and development

4. Culture – how do we want to take our culture forward, well, we have said daily mediation, exchange of treatments, common activities, CSR, routines etc.

5. Serviec & Market – an outlook on how market and economies are changing and how we should adapt.


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