One night in Bangkok….. and four more!!

I very recently was in Bangkok conducting what we call a Mystery Shopper at the Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok.  Basically this is a very thorough and detailed assessment of the entire spa operation from treatments, to bookings, to the facilities, to the spa menu, the spa concept, to spa management, to statistical analysis of the business, to financial performance…. and a lot more.  You may think it is a ‘dream job’ and very relaxing…. but it isn’t!

The spa there opened in September 2010 and is based on the ‘Kempinski The Spa’ concept, a herbal spa concept, based on the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn, which was created by Raison d’Etre.  They use the amazing Elemental Herbology products from the UK and these products are combined with some very unique and results orientated treatments.

So how did they score!  Very happy to say that they scored a well earned 90% overall, which is certainly the highest score of any mystery shopper I have conducted.

So how did they achieve such a good score, what makes them so good?.  I put this down to 3 key points:

  1. Good spa management
  2. Spa team culture/work and service ethic
  3. Great spa treatments matched with great spa products

Good Spa Management

This spa is blessed with a very good spa manager who manages and leads her team positively, professionally and also has a great understanding of the business side of the spa.  These days this is rare amongst spa managers!  The team have great respect for her, as she does for her team.

Spa team culture/work and service ethic

There exists a happy, positive and very professional team culture within the whole team.  Everyone helps each other out and is happy to do so.  How many other spas around the world can put their hand up and can say that their spa has this?!.  I loved that at the end of my stay the new therapists that had only just started approached me and told me how much they loved working at the spa.

I must qualify this a bit by saying that generally Thai people have a fantastic work culture and work ethic overall, all performed with a genuine smile.  They genuinely do care.

Great spa treatments matched with great spa products

I must admit to loving the spa concept that we created for Kempinski The Spa.  I know that may sound  like we are ‘patting ourselves on the back’, but when it works… it works!  The ‘Seasonal Massages’ are truly magical and I have to take my hat off to Isabella our Training Director for creating such memorable treatments.  But when you create great treatments you need to marry that with great products that can not only benefit the end user (in this instance… me!) but they can ‘enhance’ the quality of the treatment.  Here again it works!.  The Elemental Herbology products are amazing and the silky smooth feel of their massage oils is heavenly.

You put all three of these together in any spa and the results will speak for themselves!  I applaud Kempinski the Spa Bangkok for performing so well, not only on the service side but also on the financial side.  Bangkok is a very competitive market and for a spa only 9 months after opening to have settled down so well, be performing so well and be exceeding budget by so much is credit to the entire spa team.

I look forward to going back!



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