In case you need power – CasePower!

I just had to write about this little new gadget that has just entered the market and simply can save your life.

Ever had your IPhone run out of batteries???? Just when you need it.



I was recently cycling to my brother’s country house, 80km ride, and I had never done that tour before. So I kept my GPS on – BIG misstake!

Half way there the phone ran out of batteries and I was lost on the small roads and had of course not brought a paper map with me. I took a break and was reaching down for a bit in my bag pack when my hand clutched….. the CasePower, that I have put into my bag pack for some divine reason.

I happily arrived a couple of hours later…..

The CasePower is both a case for the IPhone as well as an extra battery and not very big. Especially for the Iphone 4. The one for IPhone 3 is a bit too big for me (although I am picky), so I don’t use it as a case, but bring it with me as a back up and I can just take of my light case and put this on and I have double battery time!

A life saver for most of us and I can truly recommend it

And for those who hates when a new ITunes update messes up everything…..this picture is for you:



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