A spa that belongs: Looking for local inspiration

It wasn’t too much of a surprise to see Local Sourcing appear at number 7 on the International Medical Travel Journal’s top ten global spa trends for 2011 (except maybe I might have expected to find it a little higher up the list.) This is an ethos which we at Raison d’Etre have been living by since our inception.

Raison d’Etre is not a chain and we do not copy and paste our spas. We engage in a creative process with each hotel to make sure we are creating something unique which suits its surroundings. Yes, this means architecturally but it is not only the physical space which is important. Every client is different and every regional location is different. And it’s wonderful to be able to take advantage of the best resources that each client and location has to offer and build this into the conceptual design of the spa.

This is why we are not affiliated with any product supplier; one product line could never compliment the individuality of all our spas. Instead we work with our clients to design product and treatment ranges that are particular to their ideas and needs. Clients can even commission their own bespoke range, which we will then create on their behalf.

The idea of local sourcing is, of course, perfect. Why not look outside the window? What does nature in the local region have to contribute to your spa? At our Nordic spa at The Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, for example, many of the treatments use products made from Nordic herbs, hand picked and organic – which add to the authenticity of the experience for the customer.

Sourcing locally makes sense for environmental and holistic reasons. Increasingly it also makes sense for commercial reasons. It is part of a wider global feeling that in some ways we should make the world a little smaller again, to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. People are passionate about these issues and want to apply these principles to all areas of their lifestyle. Including their enjoyment of spas!

So, what has your region got to offer?



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