Yoga in in school – banned??

The Swedish school inspection will take a decision about if yoga should be permitted or banned at school. A notification has been sent to the school inspectorate who argues that yoga is a religious element and wants to ban the practice based on that argument.

A petition has been created and Swedish people are now signing up to keep the possibility to practice Yoga in Swedish schools.

Being a part of the Wellness Industry and experiencing the increase of interest in Body Mind based movement forms and seeing their benefits on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing the discussion just seem so backward.

The creator of the petition states the following reasons of keeping and developing the practice of Yoga in school and I felt that this is an important cause to support.

Yoga is not a religious element. On the contrary, there are many advantages for children to do yoga in the schools. In addition to affecting their learning positively, it can also increase the children’s awareness, self-esteem, desire to take care of herself, calm, discipline, concentration, interest to talk about life, sense of community, strength, flexibility, focus, presence, efficiency of biochemical processes in the body, awareness, respect for other people and nature as well as empathetic/sympathetic ability.





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