Spa Management Online Course started today!

Today is the start date for our Spa Management Online Course and we are as always very excited to start and learn more about our participants and what we can do to make them even more successful within Spa Management than they are today.

After the introduction and trends section they begin with the first part of the course which is Marketing & PR lead by course leader Maria Nystedt. She will lead our participants into a strategic way of working with sales, marketing and PR and share the most important things when it comes to marketing specifically for the spa and wellness industry. After video lectures and manuals read, she will guide them through creating their own Spa Marketing Plan.

Marketing Maria

Spa SelctionGood luck to all new participants!

Ps. There is still a chance to join in last minute.



Must do a market analysis

The best spas in the world do not come about by miracle. Nor is it by chance that not one of our spas is an imitation of another.

Our market analysis helps us to assess very precisely the right size and style of spa for a hotel, but that is only the foundation for the creative process. We never work to a formula. We begin with a clean sheet of paper and no preconceptions. Every spa is born out of its context. It must be right for that place, that hotel, that client.

We are expert at working with design teams and, once the concept is established, engage closely with the client’s chosen architects, steering the development of an architectural brief towards its realisation.