Spa news from Bali

Bali is truly beautiful and is definitely part of the gems on earth. I am attending the GSS andwe had a fantastic first day. The worlds most renown trend analysts, researchers, social media gurus and of course loads of spa gurusare interacting for three days.  So what has transpired….

– three strongest trends in Asia are

1. Beauty enhancing drinks

2. Anti aging products

3. Vitamins and Dietry supplements

It sounds like Asians are understanding that beauty comes from the inside! (Although I do love my eyelash extensions and gelish from NK….).

If we look at beauty trends, it is body shaping, body shaping and more body shaping and the researches are saying that it is not a fad. Body shaping is using a machine that dissolves the fat cells and reshapes the body. And the result is a fact. Really. Although not permanent result, the research argue that make up, physical exerci

se and a massage is not lasting, so if body shaping lasts for a couple of months, is non invasive and makes you look great for the bikini seasons –  well why not?

Another message

is not to treat consumers as consumers, but as people and lots of other good stuff (for you that want to know more, I am tweeting things of interest throughout the day).

but not least, we have to embrace the net and its technology, the game “Mindflex” use a wireless headset that reads your brainwave activity, and you are then to use your brain to move an object, and the one that can focus the best wins! Check it out ideal for children with focus problems! And perhaps

in spas.

More to come!



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