Excellent yoga and lifestyle clothing

I just had the fortune to try some new yoga/lifestyle clothing, Pärlan from My Spirit http://msen.ekvist.se/ was over and showed their new collection at our office in Stockholm and we had the fortune to try it. My Spirit offers energized, eco-friendly and authentic yoga gear and accessories that supports yoga and a healing lifestyle. Their yoga mats are called  ECO-ION™ yoga mat, and is a new generation of eco-intelligent yoga mats that enhances the yoga practice by generating healthy negative ions into the air when you practice…

…we use this and sell them at our spa at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm and I of course use one at home that I just have trained on out in the garden – yes, 30 degrees here in Sweden today! And we use their organic meditations cushion when we do our daily meditation in the office.

But what we really fell in love with was their clothing – one of our team members said “I love it.  Really do. It even makes my fat, presently lumpy post-baby body look respectable.”. Their new fleece hood made of recycled PET bottles is now my personal all time favorite . Perfect after a yoga class or a cool Swedish summer night.

Another really cool yoga/lifestyle clothing brand is Spirit of Maya, they have designers eco wear of finest quality. Not cheap but worth every penny! I use it both when going out for dinner or party, as well as on a Sunday morning. Simply those clothes that will be used over and over again, and always gives you lots of compliments.

So, why are we promoting these two brands, well one because they are great, but moreover due to their organic, fair trade, spiritual ethics. And we love brands that are both stylish and good for the earth, and has a spiritual background. Just as giving love and healing to water has been proved to change their composition, why not clothing.

This is why we have chosen these two brands in our Raison d’Etre spa in Stockholm and our customers love them too!

Have a wonderful spiritual day!





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