Toxins and chemicals in our body responsible for overweight and diabetes 2! Is Detox the solution??

At the recent GSS (Global Spa Summit) the new Evidence based alternative therapy research portal was released and one of the creators behind this portal is Professor Marc Cohen, a dear friend of mine and also fellow board member.

After the summit, he communicated some really interesting new research and he said “I believe that this link is a vital one and that not only is the spa and wellness world on the brink of being redefined in terms of medical evidence but that the medical world is on the brink of being redefined by spa and wellness therapies. This may sound like a dramatic statement but there is a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that the obesty and diabietes epidemic along with many chronic diseases may be due to the accumulation of chemical toxins and that detox programs such as those offered in many spas could become a key component of the medicine of the future.”


Luckily I have the past 10 years myself used toothpaste, shampoos, creams, organic food etc. without chemicals and are quite strict with my children as well BUT as I am the fifth generation of chemical induced children via the mother’s breast milk I am full with toxins. Hence I am personally very interested in what theresearch in terms of how efficient detox ACTUALLY is.

One research says about treating diabetes “Detoxification protocols, rather than endless and additive drug prescriptions to suppress the symptoms of the problem, could become the standard of care if such protocols are shown safe and effective for restoring glucohomeostasis.”

See for example “Chemical toxins: a hypothesis to explain the global obesity epidemic.” ( ) and “Does early-life exposure to organophosphate insecticides lead to prediabetes and obesity?”  ( ) “Detox: Science or Sales Pitch” ( ),

While there is now good science to suggest that toxins may be a cause of chronic disease, there is still a missing link which is to demostrate that removal of toxins through detox programs can assist in treating these diseases. This situation is summarised in the article “Diabetes: Are Toxins to Blame?”  (

Marc Cohen is a medical doctor with degrees in Western medicine, physiology, and psychological medicine and PhDs in both Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering.

Professor March is now working with Bharat Mitra the owner of Organic India and other collaborators including Prof Gerry Bodeker, to design a large scale trial of detoxification that will commence in India next year. I will be their on the front row to hear what the result is!

Stay tuned…












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