Cellulites – no fun but there is a way…

A cellulite is an irregular change in the structure of the skin occurring mainly on the buttocks or thighs and sometimes on the abdomen and pelvis. Cellulite affects approximately 90% of women and 10% of men. Cellulite is due to several reasons but the hormone estrogen is often associated with cellulites, and men who have cellulite have low levels of androgens (testosterone). Other factors are that the body retains too much fluid, disorders of lymph circulation, circulatory failure and accumulation of fatty tissue inflammation. The worse the underlying problem is the more visible cellulite.

Cellulite does not affect the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) to an appreciable extent, but the dermis, which lies just beneath the epidermis. Dermis contains nerve endings, blood vessels and connective tissue. In the dermis is a layer called a loose connective tissue containing fat, fibroblasts (make new connective tissue) and macrophages (immune cells). If you have cellulites the skin texture, blood vessels and nerve endings in the dermis are affected. In addition, there is a disorder in the loose connective tissue if cellulites are present. The first changes in the body that lead to cellulites, starts before the actual cellulite become visible. When blood vessels in the skin become more permeable due to some form of stress this results in fluid accumulation and pressure on the structure of the dermis and the loose connective tissue. This leads to inflammation and increased free radicals, which in turn damages the connective tissue. Estrogen dominance increase the problem by fixating cellulites into the tissue and now visible signs of cellulite appear. If the problem gets worse the connective tissue begins to form scar like structures in which skin cells clump together to form irregular patterns. New connective tissue that is formed is irregular, draws the fluid and reduces oxygenation to the skin which leads to further skin damage. Estrogen makes the fat cells in the skin to swell, creating more major irregularities. The problem has become a catch 22. There is no “Quick Fix” for cellulite but there are definitely steps you can take to prevent them from becoming worse and possibly improve the condition. Cellulite often starts because of the following stress-related processes and the solution lies in addressing these:

  • Poor diet with too much sugar, carbohydrates and polyunsaturated vegetable oils (soy, corn, food, sesame and sunflower oils)
  • Smoking because it reduces blood circulation to the skin
  • Lack of training as it affects both the circulatory and lymphatic system negatively
  • Constipation and other bowel disorders
  • Obesity as more fat cells leads to increased pressure and synthesize more estrogen
  • High heels as it reduces the lymphatic and blood circulation in the legs
  • Emotional stress as it leads to inflammation in the circulatory and nerve endings
  • Poor vein health due to lack of nutrients (vitamin C and bioflavonoids)
  • The pill, which provides an increased estrogen level
  • Thyroid disorders (hypo and hyper)
  • Menstrual Cycle with much estrogen relative to progesterone (signs: menstruation with PMS, headaches, swollen breasts and tenderness)
  • Pregnancy is great stress on the lymphatic and blood circulation and it may trigger cellulite.

You can have cellulite, even if you are not covered by any of the above points but I dare say that the likelihood is minimal. It is worth noting that the primitive people rarely or never affected by cellulite. In 99.99% of evolution, our genes have never had to adapt to chemical toxins, constant stress, junk food, over consumption, large amounts of simple carbs and sedentary life. So, what would I have do if I or my partner had cellulite?

  • Addresse the first ten points above and have been extremely careful with the first five points
  • Take supplements of 100% whole foods vitamin c which contains natural bioflavonoids, i.e. Innate Response (Never use synthetic isolated vitamins or effervescent vitamin C tablets! They do more harm than good)
  • Taken large doses of proteolytic enzymes because they reduce broken structures in the connective tissue.
  • Take a 100% whole food multivitaminmineral to ensure supply of essential nutrients
  • Take extra probiotics to reduce any intestinal discomfort
  • Take supplements of natural MSM from pine trees – the “beauty mineral”. Compounds of MSM includes as a component of skin and connective tissue.

Cellulite should be fixed from the inside out and it is no quick-fix but with time and lifestyle changes you can accomplish much!

Good luck!




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