Eco Glam for the skin

Gabriela Lexmyr Lindström, the distributor of Nvey Eco, organic makeup in Sweden, talks to us aboutwhy you should go all organic, even when it comes to makeup.

What are the main advantages of using natural and organic makeup?

G: First of all it makes your skin gorgeous, natural makeup will take care of the skin and is very gentle for the skin, and of course it is also good from an environmental perspective as well. You should choose organic makeup for the same reasons you go for organic food.

What does natural makeup contain compared to more “traditional makeup”?

Natural makeup contains of totally natural pigments from the earth, instead of synthetic pigments. The natural makeup is based on organic oils and natural vitamins which is there, not only for their skincare benefits, but also to act as preservatives. “Traditional makeup” is using more and more natural ingredients, but usually the products are still based on petroleum.

Would you say that natural makeup is as efficient, and gives the same result as ”traditional makeup”?

G: If I’m going to talk about natural makeup brands in general, I must say the quality varies between the brands just as much as between the more traditional brands, but it is important to know that organic makeup brands can reach up to the same results and performance as the more traditional brands. An excellent proof for this, is that Nvey Eco is used by many makeup professionals, among them makeup artists working at the Royal Dramatic theatre in Stockholm, as wells as makeup artists working for  national TV channels.

Is there something special you need to consider when working with natural / organic makeup, when it comes to technique?

G: No, not really. If you choose a range with good quality it is as easy to use as any makeup brand. Just play with the makeup and have fun! And when I say there is no special technique needed I talk about organic make up, not mineral makeup, which obviously needs a specific technique when applied. And many people mix natural and organic makeup with mineral makeup, which is something else, and not always as natural as you may think.

Can you find water resistant natural makeup?

G: Nvey Ecos creme de luxe foundation is water resistant and will stay on the skin no matter which snow storm will hit us this winter. Completely water resistant and natural mascara that can stand a swim in a pool does not exist. Natural mascaras do have a high quality, but to make them 100% water resistant you need to add ingredients that are not organic. So it is a choice you have to make. I also try to remind people that the eye is sensitive and can easily absorb what is applied nearby the eye, so you should be careful and avoid harsh ingredients especially around the eyes.

You have chosen to work with Nvey Eco and be the distributor for the makeup brand in Sweden, why did you go for Nvey? *)

G: I’m always looking for what is best. We call our concept exclusive organic skin care, which means that we wish to offer the best quality and the highest feeling of luxury. And it does not have to be expensive. Nvey Eco is a brand that is used by many makeup professionals which, for me is a guarantee that it is of good quality, and as a beauty therapist I’m also very concerned about what is applied on the skin; Ingredients that are not harmful for either the skin or the environment is an absolute must for me!

 *) Nvey Eco can be found worldwide, it is a natural and organic makeup brand (with eco certification) from Australia. For more information

**) Gabriela is a trained beauty therapist, she grew up in a family that worked with complementary medicine and her father taught her reflexology and massage, and when she was younger she used to go out in the forest to pick herbs with her grandfather. She works with her passion; organic skin care and makeup.





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