Feeling a bit dull in the skin?

After spending a few days, mostly inside, eating lots of yummy Christmas food and too many sweets, I must admit that I feel a bit dull in the skin and there is a major need for a “kick off” treatment to get my skin back in “shape”. If you feel the same, and have already starting to worry about how to gain that Cinderella effect for New Years Eve, I might just have the solution…

Look for your nearest spa or beauty spot where they offer The Organic Pharmacy (TOP) treatments. TOP has launched a new, high potency treatment to target age spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone across the face, neck and décolleté. Glucosamine, Hibiscus and Liquorice act as high performing lightening agents to lift the skin and reduce pigmentation, whilst Vitamin C, Gingko and Ginseng brighten the skin and will give an immediate radiance boost. Papaya extract will powerfully exfoliate the skin, encouraging cell renewal, to enhance the skin condition and make it smooth and pure.

At our Nordic Spa & Fitness at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, we offer a short, but effective radiance boosting treatment with TOP’s enzyme peeling. A gentle, but very effective treatment, perfect to do the same day or the day before THE party of the year. (For a deeper effect and result on pigmentation we recommend to do the facial as a cure, with a minimum of 4-5 treatments).







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