Effectiveness of Massage Therapy

I don’t think anyone would question the benefits of massage, we all know what a good massage can do for us. Even though we know this for sure, it is still very gratifying to read studies that outline the benefits of massage. A joint team from RMIT University and The Australian Association of Massage Therapy (AAMT) has published a report; Effectiveness of Massage therapy, which states that massage can – and should- be used to treat a number of ailments. The report is a review of 740 Australian and international evidence-based academic research papers published over a 30 year period.

The report concludes that doctors and nurses should be more active in including massage as a part of treatment plans for illness ranging from back pains, anxiety to nausea and stress, as well as chronic disease management.

Tricia Huges, Chief executive of AAMT says; “Among the key findings of the report was that there is a growing body of research supporting massage therapy as being an evidence based therapeutic modality”

“This groundwork provides remedial massage therapists, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and the broader allied health community with a basis to pursue evidence-based practice.”

The report also shows that massage can be used to delay the onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) and increasing pulmonary function. The research is systematically done with randomized controlled trials and comparative studies as well as case series/studies. All research covers a number of different massage techniques such as acupressure, lymphatic drainage reflexology, tuina, rolfing, shiatsu and Swedish massage among others.

So if you need more proof why you should treat yourself with massage this upcoming holiday season, get your hands on this study, or just book a massage right away…and ENJOY!



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