New dream destinations – true hideaways…

Working for Raison d’Etre takes you to amazing places around the world and we have been blessed with spa projects in the most incredible destinations. But still the hospitality industry never stops us from being totally amazed by the creativity that is to be found out there, year after year. New dream destinations are continuously launched and we have listed two new and exciting hotels where we would like to check in, this year;

Naked Stables – China

Located in the mountains and the lush forest, just 2 hours outside Shanghai, this eco-construction is a chic retreat, composed of some individual rooms and 2 to 4 bedroom villas. The resort is nested in the bamboo mountains of Moganshan and is Asia’s first LEED-platinum certified resort. It is the result of 31 million USD and 2 years of green constructing, built from the ground, yet with minimal impact on the natural environment . It is an accessible rural escape from the city, a hideaway created in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way. And don’t worry about the name; it is named for its “naturel” eco – approach. There is of course a spa, hidden in the forest, lots of wellness activities, horseback riding, fishing, fine dining and serenity, as no motor vehicles are allowed in the valley.

We are just amazed by the design, ambiance and the location, a true hideaway in the Chinese countryside, with views over the mountains reminding us of a fairytale world…

Dar Hi – Tunisia

The French industrial designer Matali Crasset, also known for innovative and creative hotel designs, has created a new, extremely sleek and stylish hideaway in Nefta, Tunisia. The hotel has a panoramic view over the Tunisian desert and the town of Nefta. The architecture of the houses in the resort is contemporary with walls made of whole bricks that have a distinctive ochre color. Roofs and house doors are made of palm wood. The architecture is very inspiring and the shape of the houses gives you a feeling of being on another planet…It is not surprising that this particular location has inspired a large number of movie directors, for example: Star Wars and the English Patient were filmed in the Nefta desert. The Dar Hi hotel follows a strong ecological and environmental approach, in all matters; food is organic and only locally produced, the construction is made of only local materials and the water is provided by a hot natural source that comes from the desert and supplies the hammam as well as the swimming pool with hot water using geothermal energy.  The spa offers Arabic massages, traditional hammam treatments and some local therapies with warm sand and clay.

We have also some exciting spa projects coming up in exciting destinations and hotels, which will tell more about soon…




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