Nordic Deep Relaxation Massage – truly bespoke!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the Nordic Deep Relaxation massage, and the feeling of complete balance has stayed with me until now. It is a strange vibration that continued, slept like a baby and am just content in a good way.

Marcos, the therapist, is one of those therapists that simply have it, he speaks with his hands with my body and holds when he should, and massages when he should, he is simply in tuned with the dance of balancing.

It starts with Marcos putting my feet in a Chi machine, this is a machine that my body by rocking the feet (I actually used this when I was pregnant as it is really good for aching backs, and it was fantastic), and just like rocking a baby is relaxing, so is this. To give that extra, he then conducted BARS (an energy massage to the head that helps me to relax and stop having a racing mind (I sometimes have great difficulty to relax and finally start relaxing 3/4 into the treatment and then it is just about over! and BARS is a great solution to this, it shortcuts the thoughts). So when he took away the Chi machine, I was in a state of relaxation after 10 minutes which normally happens after 45 min.

Now, this 2 hour treatment then continues with rocking soothing massage strokes and it is now way you can escape from surrendering to complete relaxation. Isabella dos Santos created this treatment intuitively during 3-4 years, and when she then spoke with Osteopaths and other alternative practitioners, she realized that the treatment is actually very scientific in its rocking and vibration. In addition Michael Simonato has created a special sound track, using the science of healing through music such as hemi sync through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brainwave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness.

Simply put the music is choreographed with the treatment, and is not just background music, but part of the treatment, and the power of sound is profound.

The treatment was great, but what was the most amazing is the state that I was afterwards, it was almost dreamlike yet at the same time completely awake and present. Extremely cool and I want to do this again. Strangely enough (or not!) I was motivated to take lots of good decisions that my body wanted more than my mind (such as skip the wine to dinner and do a TRX session instead of watching TV after my 6 years old birthday party) – and after all that, I still feel different in a good way.

I truly think that 2 hour treatments not only gives double the time and benefit of a traditional 1 hour massage, but beyond measurable benefits and hats of to Isabella who has developed this truly bespoke and result oriented treatment.



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