New web page!

We have just gone live with our updated web page! The web-address is the same but it has a completely new look. For a very long time Raison d’Etre have been working silently in the background not really marketing our existence or telling the world what we do or who we work with; even some hoteliers did not know exactly what we did. The new web page is therefore more open and available when it comes to who we are, what we do and whom we worked with…plus plenty of more information about our achievements and what we have created over the past years – things that we are actually very proud of.

We have chosen to go live, although we have some work left to do. Actually we will probably never be ready – that is they beauty of it – so you will continue to see changes and updates the coming weeks and probably months.

Surf around and have fun! If you have any feedback please tell us. We would LOVE to hear from you!

/Raison d’Etre Team


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