Getting hyped up for summer!

As most of the Swedish spas starts to wind down to the slow season, our LivNordic spa at Grand Hôtel starts preparing for the busiest season, with lots of tourists wanting to try the most royal among the worlds massages – The Swedish Massage!

Grand Hôtel is hosting many of the tourists coming to visit Stockholm at its best. Sun is up for almost 24 hours, the city radiant displaying many of the pleasures that a tourist can try.

For us – the magical sauna and cold dip in the ocean is something that has to be experienced. It is as Nordic as one can get, its many benefits are countless, but it the shock and the satisfying feeling that tingles throughout the body afterwards that I love the most. Ad some birch, great company and something to eat and drink and there is nothing I rather do on a summer evening.

We have tried to mimic this at our LivNordic spa with the cold dip pool is surrounded a mosaic wall which is an actual picture from Stockholm archipelago that has been assembled pixel by pixel to give the feeling of being in nature (see picture). It is the probably best alternative to the real thing.

Grand Hôtel is as Nordic as it gets, the best hotel in Scandinavia, and where else to experience the worlds most sought after massage, together with sauna, cold dip and a bit of luxury. And the design is of course completely Scandinavian, and staying true to what Raison d’Etre is about, it is probably one of the most sustainable spas in the world, with UV and sand filtered pool, FSC wood, non toxic paint, no PVD pipes, organic linen, natural products etc. etc.

At our LivNordic spa we also host many other Nordic treatments, such as the Nordic Bathing de Luxe, Nordic Thai Massage, Arctic Detox Massage, Swedish Cure, Nordic Beauty and many more!

We love the summer season, as we are able to give visitors a taste of what makes Sweden so fantastic, the connectivity to nature, healthy life style and sound mindfulness – simply put – coming a bit closer to Nordic Life  – LivNordic.



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