What is S.O.S?

We have witnessed over many years and have heard from so many hotel managers and owners asking us:

  • Why is our spa not performing?
  • Why is our spa not making any money?
  • Is our spa meeting the needs of our guests and the market?
  • Why is our spa getting so many complaints?
  • Why does our spa sell so few retail products?
  • Where can I find a competent spa manager?

Raison d’Etre has addressed this with the implementation of Spa Operational Support (S.O.S.), where various types of operational support will be offered, including recruitment, audits, trouble shooting, revenue & profit maximisation, product consultation and training.  You could also translate the S.O.S to ‘SAVE OUR SPA’ !!

Spa Management Recruitment

Raison d’Etre has been involved in spa management recruitment for many of its clients.  When you have over 12 years of spa management and operational experience this translates into being able to achieve extraordinary recruitment results for our clients.

We provide tailor made recruitment solutions for any spa’s specific needs.  Every spa is different, the size, country, culture, business environment and each requires a very specific skill set from the spa management.  We recognize this and we tailor each spa management position specifically for the needs of the particular spa and the owners/hotel management.

We offer permanent spa management placements as well as offering short term solutions for spas. The short term solution will be handy when the spa is in urgent need of a replacement for a shorter period of time, due to maternity leave or any other reason, and we can then help to fill that gap, ensuring a continuous smooth operation of the spa.

We know just how critical good spa management is to the ongoing success of a spa. We operate, own, consult and recruit to spa businesses and this makes us very qualified to successfully recruit any future spa manager.

Spa Troubleshooting & Enhancement

Over the past 12 years we have developed an amazing, proven trouble shooting package which has positively turned around a number of spas, thus quickly recovering the cost of the package. Our proven Spa Audits assess all aspects of the spa operation including guest experience, quality, facilities, management, KPI’s and finance resulting in a detailed report and recommendations. These recommendations are then translated into actions and our experienced staff come on site and implement these actions.

So often we have seen or heard of a spa in trouble and needs a total overhaul or just some minor, yet important improvements, our proven systems and standards ensure success. In every case we have achieved increased revenue of between 30 % and 125 %.

Spa Audits

We firmly believe that an independent mystery spa audit can be extremely helpful in not only revealing shortcomings and missed opportunities in a spa, but to also acknowledge what is working successfully.

Our spa audit is the most comprehensive spa specific auditing system in the world.  This proven system allows us to assess every aspect of the spas operation from which we compile a detailed Audit Report, compete with a detailed action plan for improvements.

We analyse the market regularly, and are sensitive to guests’ needs as they change and develop.  Spa guests are becoming more and more discerning. Our market knowledge, skill and experience enable us to anticipate trends.  In exceeding expectations, we create more reasons for guests to return and recommend the spa to others.

At the completion of the spa audit visit we will present a detailed Spa Audit Report, complete with detailed feedback on results and findings, analysis of KPI’s, detailed Action Plan and our recommendations. Many hotels utilise independent operators to compile mystery shoppers, but none offer the spa specific detail which we do and certainly none offer an action plan!

For more information about S.O.S and our services: info@raisondetrespas.com



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