Judge at EHL first spa management program

This week I went to Lausanne, Switzerland to EHL (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne) considered one of the the absolut top Hotel Management Schools in the world. I was invited to be a judge for the first batch of graduating students final project presentations.

EHL launched their Spa Management program a year ago, and there were five enthusiastic and nervous students ready to present throughout the day for a panel of 5 judges – 3 from the school and 2 from the industry (me one of them…).

What struck me during the day is that spa is quite a bit away from teh academic world, and this actually limits our progress. Great enthusiasm, but more gut feeling than actual scientific study and strategic thinking.

I love gut feeling! But truly believe that we need to pair that with strategic thinking and knowing what tools are imparative to do to an objective study, or a specific project. While I admire the passion, their skills and strive to develop and hats off to the students who succesfully wnet through the program – I think we need to focus even more in the skill of the basics of how any business go about structuringt their business. It wasn’t really good enough this time, and I can’t wait to next time to see how we can increase this knoweldge then.

We are all in a progress of learning!

Now off to get Leon (my 5 year old) from his Saturday theater lesson while I enjoy a coffee in a nearby café!



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