Swedish Spa Days

Svenska Spahotel or Swedish Spa Hotel, who has not branched out to the day spa market, is the Swedish spa association, and has now hosted the annual spa conference at Varberg’s kurort in southern Sweden. Sitting here at 1 am, after two fantastic days at Varberg’s Kurort, some years ago voted best spa in Europe, I am amazed how organized and well prepared this association is for the future.

Except from sharing my “beautiful”voice about “business should be treated as any other business with business plan, marketing plan and Human capital management pl spa an”, we have also learnt that Visit Sweden, is looking at promoting the Swedish spa market towards Norway and Denmark with a custom made spa portal, the Swedish spa market has grown with 9% from 2010, that occupancy has increased with 7% for hotels with a spa, compared with 3.8% for hotels without a spa, and that arrivaguides.com is a fantastic marketing tool….

But more than anything, I think I have learnt that the Swedish spa market is on the rise, the people that is driving this forward are passionate, dedicated and disciplined and after these days, I truly believe that the Swedish spa market just have begun its journey to excellence, the sky is the limit, and it is just about deciding where they sky is…..


Thank you for some absolutely fantastic days, and more to come!



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