From EWG – Cleansers Hall of Shame

Today I read from EWG newsletter (Einvornmental Working Grouop) about cleaning products from the President Ken Cook, and I though we would just publish the letter on our blog, as one of our goals is to make everyone question and be more aware what we get exposed to every day through food, products and environment.

Happy Reading!


Dear Friend,

Did you know that on average we’re exposed to 126 chemicals through personal care products every day?

This alarming fact made me wonder: what about the cleaning products I use? If my shampoo and deodorant contain that many chemicals, what the heck is in my laundry detergent?

Turns out, most cleaning products don’t even list their ingredients on the label. I had to jump through hoops – going to the website, calling the company – and even then I couldn’t get the full story. So I talked to the research team
at EWG. And they went to work for me – and for you. Next month we’re releasing a new database with more than 2,000 household cleaners ranked on how hazardous their ingredients are and how much information is on their labels.

Our analysis found some startling facts. Many products contain ingredients known to cause asthma or are contaminated with carcinogens. And, maybe even worse than that, lots of products provide little to no ingredient information – leaving you in the dark about what you think is cleaning your home.

“Green” products aren’t necessarily any better. Many of them boast of using ingredients made from plants rather than petroleum – but there’s little or no safety data for some plant-based ingredients. A truly green product should pose few risks to your health and to the environment – and be transparent about what’s in it.

We know that indoor air is sometimes more polluted than outdoor air, so it’s important to know what’s in your cleaning products. Labeling cleaning products isn’t mandatory – as it is for food, personal care products and drugs – but as a consumer, you ought to have that right. You shouldn’t be left in the dark about products you buy and use every day.
I’ve been working to protect consumers from harmful products for almost 20 years now, but what I’ve learned about cleaners shocked me. I hope you’ll take some time to learn the truth about the products you use so you can continue to keep your family safe.


Ken Cook

President, Environmental Working Group


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