Science & Massage – Wall Street journal

Susie Ellis from Spa Finer e-mailed me today that The Wall Street Journal ran an article by Andrea Petersen yesterday titled, Don’t Call It Pampering:  Massage Wants to Be Medicine, that described quite a few research studies about the benefits of massage.  It is a very good example of making progress in the very direction the Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) were hoping that would be taking us.  GSWS worked with Andrea Petersen on her article (and provided most of the examples).  It is a step in the right direction having a reporter recognize the value of connecting research studies with spa services (especially massage) for consumers.

At this year’s Summit we will be showing a few upgrades to the website that will include the addition of more modalities as well as some cosmetic changes and social media integration. Myself, Anna, is one of the founding board members of GSWS and please read more about it and also the fantastic resource of both science and research!

And just a reminder and friendly nudge, if you haven’t already done so, please link to SpaEvidence (here is the link with the instructions on how to do that) and encourage others to do so as well.  It is a fantastic resource for anyone working in the spa industry.



One thought on “Science & Massage – Wall Street journal

  1. Dear Anna,
    Thank you SO much for showing me your interest and giving me of your time today at Spadagarna. It means the world to me. In the hunt for evidence for my bachelor thesis i started a twitter account: SpaPsychology. Thank you for providing me with my first evidence and the best portal ever! 😉 Hugs /Emma.


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